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Pet health can Improved in just 30 days... for less than $20.00 Guaranteed!

Every pet needs a source of 'live' food to feel good. Pet Wafers Antioxidant pet wafers offer powerful antioxidant protection for animals. This vital formula can reduce pain,restore mobilitiy, and strengthen the immune system in animals of any age.

Veterinarians have used this powerful formula for over 15 years to help maintain mobility and vitality in animals. Visit our testimonials page to see for yourself!

Nutritional Studies Confirm our Message
A famous nutritional study by Dr. Francis M. Pottenger demonstrated that a 'life-long diet' of processed foods as the main reason why a animals develops chronic degenerative diseases like arthritis and hip dysplasia.

Even the best commercial foods have their enzymes destroyed through processing. That's why your animal needs Pet Wafers. Because an animal needs more than processed food.

We're so sure that Pet Wafers will help your dog or cat in the first 30 days that we will include a complimentary bottle and
our "Money-back Guarantee!"

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