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 Want to get your share of the millions generated in online sales every day? LinkShare can help you do it.

Research Sites

The Oxygen Paradox and Free Radical Biology and Medicine
Society For Free Radical Biology and Medicine  The Oxygen Society and their Journal of Free Radical Biology and Medicine. and their smarter cousin: The Oxygen Club of California

American Aging Association (AGE) To keep the public informed of the progress of aging research and of practical means of achieving a long and healthy life.

Alliance for Aging Research

Administration on Aging (AoA)

Alzheimer's Association

American Association for Geriatric Psychiatry

American Association of Retired Persons (AARP)

American Federation For Aging Research (AFAR)

American Geriatrics Society (AGS)

American Society on Aging (ASA)

Buck Institute for Age Research

Centenarian Species and Rockfish Project

Ellison Medical Foundation

Food and Drug Administration (FDA)


International Longevity Center

Life Extension Foundation

National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS)

National Institute on Aging

Gerontological Society of America (GSA) 

National Academy on Aging Society

National Council on the Aging (NCOA)

National Institute of Health Senior Health web site

The SAGE KE - Science of Aging Knowledge Environment

The Coalition for the Advancement of Medical Research

United States Special Committee on Aging

Michael Moore - SW School of Botanical Medicine.- The original Grandaddy of American herbalism.  This site is loaded with good info and photos.

Dr. Subhuti Dharmananda and the Institute of Traditional Medicine - Excellent articles on Chinese medicine.

Dr. James Duke's Phytochemical and Ethnobotanical Databases - Ever want to know every single chemical in a huge number of plants? It's all here on Jim Duke's database.

The American Society of Pharmacognosy

Health World Online - Be sure to check out their online Herbal Materia Medica.

Steven Foster Group, Inc. - Steven is a renowned herbalist and author.  This site features his stunning herb photography services.  Photographer Martin Wall is also represented by this group.

Christopher Hobbs' Home Page  Chris is a licensed acupuncturist and 4th generation herbalist and botanist with over 30 years of experience with herbs.


Herbal Medicine and Research

Herbal Hall

American Botanical Council

The Herb Research Foundation

American Herbal Products Association

Henriette's Herbal Homepage - The complete text of M. Grieve's Modern Herbal and more.

American Herbal Pharmacopoeia - Roy Upton's impressive effort to bring the state of herbal monographs on planet Earth to a much higher caliber.


Industry Related Organizations
National Nutritional Foods Association (NNFA)
Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
NPI Center - Natural Products Industry Center is Health World Online's
site for industry company and product directories.
ABC - American Botanical Council
HRF - The Herb Research Foundation
AHPA - American Herbal Products Association
CRN - Council for Responsible Nutrition

Medline and Reseach Databases On-line

Medscape Comprehensive Allopathic Medicine site with Medline searches and more.
Pub Med Also through the National Library of Medicine
DIMDI - The German Institute for Medical Documentation and Information.  Free Medline as well as other fee based databases.
The Virtual Hospital - A Digital Library of Health Information

Industry Magazines and Journals

Health Products Business Magazine - monthly trade magazine for the Natural Products Industry.
Health Supplement Retailer Magazine  - or you can also visit the web page of their parent company Virgo Publishing to see what else they are about.
Herbalgram - Informative magazine by the folks at ABC and HRF. (basic information only - not an online publication)  - New Hope Natural Media's consumer site includes articles from Delicious magazine.
Healthwell Exchange - New Hope Natural Media's site for inside the Natural Products Industry.   The site includes articles from Natural Foods Merchandiser, a tabloid sized industry news magazine and trade journal, and Nutrition Science News, a monthly industry magazine focusing on supplements.
Medical Herbalism   - Paul Bergner's Quarterly Newsletter for the Clinical Practitioner.
Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients - An alternative medicine publication
Whole Foods Magazine   - Basic information site for this retailer industry trade journal (not an online publication) - Virgo Communication's online ingredient buyer's guide