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You can Improve a cat's health in just 30 days... for less than $20.00 Guaranteed!
Every cat needs a daily source of 'live' enzymes rich food to feel good.
Pet Wafers Antioxidant pet wafers provide pets with an enzymes-rich food source plus powerful antioxidant protection. Pet Wafers can help reduce a pet's pain, restore a pet's mobility and strengthen the immune system in pets of all ages.

Veterinarians and pet owners have used this powerful formula for over 15 years to help maintain mobility and vitality in cats.

I have two elderly Siamese cats. They had become inactive, in fact, more than cats usually are. Also they were stiff upon rising, had poor appetites and shed alot. I tried Pet Wafers on a friends suggestion. Within 3 weeks they were awake longer and more active and playing again. Their appetite has increased and their coats have improved. Your product is safe way to improve the health of a cat.

B. Mc Chesney - San Jose, CA

Visit our testimonials page! See how other pets have benefitted from the powerful antioxidant formula in Pet Wafers.

A famous pet-nutritional study by Dr. Francis M. Pottenger demonstrated that a 'life-long diet' of processed foods as the main reason why animals develop chronic degenerative diseases.

Even the best commercial pet foods have their eBiovet's destroyed through processing. Over a lifetime this type of diet adds to the growing list of health problems pets experience including; Osteoarthritis, arthritis, hip dysplasia, digestive disorders, food allergies, joint pain, inflammation, fatigue, dry itchy skin, shedding, hot spots and other many stress related symptoms. REMEMBER: If there are NO eBiovet's in your pet's food then there is little else to protect their body.

We're so sure that Pet Wafers will help your pet in the first 30 days that we will include a complimentary bottle with your
first order along with our "Money-back Guarantee!"

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