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    Look no further. You'll find it at Pet by Biovet!

    Improve your cats health in just 30 days...for under $20.00
    A Cat needs a daily source of 'live' enzymes rich food to feel good. With Pet Wafers, the health of your cat can be improved in just 30 days "Guaranteed." Pet Wafers provide a cost effective alternative which can change the health of a cat within a months time. Pet Wafers provide an enzymes-rich food source for a cat with plus powerful antioxidant protection.

    The Pet Wafers blend provides natural live compounds used by a cat for the production of vital Pet wafers. It can help to reduct pain in your cat, restores a cat's mobility and strengthens the immune system in any age cat.

    Cat owners and veterinarians have used this powerful formula for over 15 years to help maintain mobility and vitality in cats.

    Cat Testimonial 1
    Our cat Tiffy is 10 years old and lately had become very lazy and lethargic. This cat was acting as if she was ill, but the vet couldn't find anything wrong. He felt it was it was her food. I tried many different brands cat food and of course, you know a cat, she wouldn't touch them after one try.

    Besides her lazy condition, at night she always liked to lay on our very expensive royal blue carpet and shed her cat hair everywhere. Of course, every morning I would have to take a half hour or so to clean up Tiffy's shedding and her coughed-up furr balls. So I was just about to go nuts when I heard about Pet Wafers.

    We followed your instructions and started giving her one Pet Wafers tablet broken up and mixed with a little tuna everyday. After 3 weeks Tiffy's like new cat. She has renewed energy and seems happy and playful again. What amazed me was that her shedding has almost stopped and she rarely gets hair balls anymore. Your product has given me back that half-hour a day I dreaded so much. I want you to know that, besides Tiffy improvement, I consider my life improved too. You need to tell more cat owners about this product.
    M. Coats - San Pedro, CA

    Cat Testimonial 2
    I have two elderly Siamese cats, ages 12 and 15. They had become inactive, in fact, even more than cats usually are. Also they were stiff upon rising, had poor appetites and shed alot. I tried Pet Wafers on a friends suggestion. Within 3 weeks they were awake for longer and more active. They were playing again. Their appetite has increased and their coats have improved. I feel that your product is safe way to improve the health of a cat.

    B. Mc Chesney - San Jose, CA

    Visit our testimonials page! See how your cat can benefitted from the powerful antioxidant formula in Pet Wafers.

    Cat Study
    A famous cat nutritional study by Dr. Francis M. Pottenger demonstrated that a 'life-long diet' of pre-processed or cooked foods as the main reason why a cat develops chronic degenerative diseases. His study confirmed that the succeeding generations who remain on this type of enzymes-less diet will show more illness and disease.

    Even the best commercial cat foods have their Pet wafers destroyed through heat, processing, preservatives and other chemicals. Over a lifetime this type of diet adds to the growing list of health problems a cat might experience including; Arthritis, hip dysplasia, digestive disorders, food allergies, joint pain, inflammation, fatigue, dry itchy skin, shedding, hot spots and other many stress related symptoms. REMEMBER: If there are NO Pet wafers in the food of your cat, then there is little else to protect their body.

    We're so sure that Pet Wafers will help your cat in the first 30 days that we will include a FREE bottle with your first order along with our "Unconditional Money-back Guarantee!" So start your cat on Pet Wafers today! If you don't feel that your cats health has made a remarkable change after 30 days simply return the unused portions for a full refund.

    Learn more about Pet Wafers and cat nutrition.


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