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Customer Testimonials
These customers have provided their personal stories with the hopes that other pet owners will benefit from their experiences.

Labrador Retirever
Age: 10 yrs.
Problems: Epilepsy - Arthritis - Mobility

Jade, my yellow lab had always been a very healthy dog. Late one night, right after she turned 10 years old she experienced a seizure. After she experienced another one two weeks later, I took her to the vet in order to find out what the problem was. Some testing was done and the vet prescribed Phenobarbital for her epilepsy. She remained on the medication for approximately one year.

Jade came to work with me everyday and about 6 months down the road a friend at work gave me some Pet Wafers because of the difficulty Jade was showing when getting up. You could tell that her movement was slow and very uncomfortable.

After about 8 days on the Pet Wafers Jade began to show some improvement, moving easier, and getting up quicker. After two weeks, there was a big difference. Her mobility had improved considerably and she was almost puppy like again. Weeks later, she even stood on her hind legs again and climbed stairs more easily. Everyone that knew Jade said they couldn't believe the difference in her.

I know the Pet Wafers reduced the severity and the amount of seizures Jade would have. Once, I ran out for Pet Wafers two weeks. It was then that I realized how much the Pet Wafers were helping her. I made sure I never ran out again after that. They truly made her life better in every way and made our time together so much better too.

Jade has passed on since then. I guess her time had come. But thanks to Pet Wafers Jade and I had more quality time together and that's what counted. I miss my beloved Jade more than words can say, But I know my next dog, when I'm ready, will be on Pet Wafers for sure.

Love to Jade - Denise - Huntington Beach, CA


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