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Because your pet needs more than processed foods!

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Poor Health


Are processed foods destroying your pet's health and contributing to...

  • Arthritis or Hip dysplasia
  • Inflammation or Joint pain
  • Shedding or Skin Problems
  • Epilepsy or Allergies
  • Digestive Disorders or Gastritis
  • Immune System Problems
  • Toxic Poisoning
  • Aging, Fatigue, or Stress
  • Recent Trauma or Injury

A famous pet nutritional study by Dr. Francis M. Pottenger demonstrated that a 'life-long diet' of processed or cooked foods as the main reason why animals develop chronic degenerative diseases, infections and other maladies.

Over a lifetime this type of diet adds to the growing list of health problems pets experience including; Osteoarthritis, hip dysplasia, digestive disorders, food allergies, joint pain, inflammation, fatigue, dry itchy skin, shedding, hot spots and other many stress related symptoms.

If you are feeding your pet one of today's popular processed pet foods, then chances are, your pet's body is depleted of the primary enzymes precursors nature provides abundantly in all living foods.

Even the best commercial pet foods have their enzymes Wafer destroyed through heat, processing, preservatives and other chemicals. The problem is, If there are NO enzymes Wafer in your pet's food then there is little else left to help protect their body.

What can I do to help my pet?
Give your pet a concentrated supplement which includes live enzymes rich foods and antioxidant vitamins like those in Biovet Antioxidant Pet Wafers.

This powerful formula has been used by nutrition conscious veterinarians and pet owners for over 15 years to help reduce pain and restore mobility and increase vitality in animals of all ages.

jadeEvery pet, young or old, must have a daily source of live enzymes Wafer to help replenish their body's needed resources. Pet Wafer help to cleanse toxins and free radicals from their soft tissues and restore the normal healthy functioning of their body's immune system.

Look what Pet Wafer did for Shana!
In December of 1999, my 12 yr. old dog Shana had a stroke that left her with her head tilted to the side. She had lost her appetite, her eyes were dull and she was very listless. Her painful arthritis now left her hind quarters so weak and shaky that she couldn't use the stairs without our help. To top that, a bloody cyst opened on her spine my vet thought was cancerous. She fed Shana intravenously but decided against surgery because she did not feel Shana could survive the anesthesia in her weakened condition. Based on these overwhelming symptoms the vet felt that Shana would pass away very soon. I couldn't accept this prognosis and starting looking on the Internet for more help.

When I found the Pet Wafer site, I read the testimonials and decided to call to place an order near the end of January. To be honest, I wasn't sure Shana would even survive until the Pet Wafer could arrive, but I got them in just 3 days.

Even though I was suppose to double the initial dosage for the for the first two weeks, I only gave Shana one (1) Pet Wafer treat per day as I didn't want to overwhelm her body. After several days I noticed she seemed to have more energy and a will to live. Day by day I saw little improvements. Her eyes got shiny, her cyst started to heal, her appetite increased and she seemed to enjoy life again.

After 30 days, she can go up and down the stairs without our help, and she's walking over a mile a day. Plus she has a spring in her step that I haven't seen in quite awhile. Remember she could barely raise herself only a month ago. The symptoms of the stroke have totally disappeared and the terrible cyst on her back is almost completely healed. I know this story sounds to good to be true, believe me, I was amazed myself at this miracle. I promise you, every word is true and is exactly as I stated it. I'm so thankful to have Shana alive and well.

Roslyn Olsen - St. Augustine, FL

Can Pet Wafer really help my pet?
We're so sure that Pet Wafer will help your pet in the first 30 days that if you purchase at least one bottle for $19.50, we will include a complimentary bottle with your first order of any size along with our unconditional money-back guarantee!

Have you got lots of pets?
Take advantage of our quantity discounts:
Order 3-5 bottles for $16.50 and save $3.00 on each bottle
Order 6-12 bottles for $15.00 and save $4.50 on each bottle

So start your pet on Pet Wafer today! If you don't feel that your pets health has made a remarkable change after 30 days simply return the unused portion to our offices for a full refund of the purchase price.

We promise, it won't take long to see a significant change in your pet's health, sometimes only 4 to 8 days!

Pet Wafer are guaranteed with no known side-effects! So you have nothing to lose so... Order Pet Wafer Today!

Because your pet needs more than processed food!

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